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The basic principle of trailer accessories shock absorber

by:Sinpo     2020-11-13
The oil flow resistance energy consumption impact vibration. When opposite axle do reciprocating motion, trailer accessories in the shock absorber oil repeatedly from one chamber through some narrow pore flows into another chamber. Internal friction between the friction between the oil and the oil molecules formed on frame vibration damping force, so that the vibration of the frame, body energy into heat energy, and is absorbed by oil and trailer accessories shell shock absorber, and then scatter into the atmosphere. The size of the damping force with the addition and subtraction of the body and the axle relative speed and increase or decrease, and is related to how much the oil viscosity, channel. The requirement of trailer accessories shock absorber. The greater the trailer accessories shock absorber damping force, vibration to eliminate the farthest, but it is a parallel cannot give full play to the effect of the elastic component, at the same time, big can also cause trailer accessories shock absorber damping force of connection parts and damage of the frame.
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