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The automobile industry in our country exist gaps

by:Sinpo     2020-08-20
Auto parts is the basis of the automotive industry, supporting the sustained and healthy development of the automobile industry, which shows how important the status of the auto parts. The auto parts market in China, however, there exist many problems, the existence of these problems makes from the resultant force and orderly development of auto parts market in China still has a distance. First, the problems existing in the auto parts market in China? First of all, the product quality is not guaranteed. Due to the low threshold of China's automobile industry, regulation is not perfect, so many investors see business opportunities. Under the fierce competition, enterprises in order to expand market, usually adopt the way of price competition. Is the source of parts is very chaotic, the consequences of counterfeit and inferior parts are flooding the market in great quantities, pit owner not only, also pit the businessman. Second, the industry layout is not reasonable. Duplication of investment, low production concentration and such problems as small scale of production has been full of auto parts market. The reason has both the protection of the local government and enterprise itself planning problems such as unreasonable. Finally, enterprise distribution is not reasonable. The current auto parts enterprises up to 2. 5 m, this does not include booth. Most of the auto parts mainly of private enterprises, small scale, scattered distribution, no brand. There is also time is too long of distribution channels, accessories and circulation are relatively complicated, cause the high cost of low profits, and further decline in the channel members.
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