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The application of auto parts industry of agv

by:Sinpo     2020-10-27
The first advantage of the AGV (1) high safety. In order to ensure the safety, AGV itself in the process of operation, field personnel and security of all kinds of equipment, hardware and software of the AGV adopted multilevel security measures. Bumper: in the periphery of the AGV is equipped with infrared light against touch sensors and touch the touch touch sensors, AGV once the induction to the encumbrances or within the range interval must be slow travel, such as the scope of obstructions located closer to offend, conceal until hinder lift, AGV automatic recovery to normal again. Light: AGV device have eye-catching light and electronic music player, to remind the operators from around. Sound and light alarm: in the event of failure, AGV will automatically sound and light alarm, wireless communication and told AGV monitor system. (2) high work power. The traditional forklift truck and trailer, needs someone to harness. And forklift truck or tractor driver during operation needs eat bread or drink water, rest, may also affect the operation power, such as sabotage, forklift truck and trailer operation to must also needs time to open to the charge, lead to the lack of actual work load 70%; And AGV as material transfer equipment automation, can online charging, 24 h full load operation, have people work industry incomparable advantage. (3) invested capital is low. By the rapid development of recent years, the AGV purchase expense has been reduced to close to the level of the forklift, and human capital is rising every year. Comparison of the two, smaller humanized increasingly significant gains. (4) to handle the difficulty. Fork lift truck or tractor driver as first-line operators, general labor intensity big, income is not high, the worker's mood shake is bigger, departure rate is higher, also brings to the enterprise to deal with great difficulty. The AGV can be useful to avoid danger, especially in recent years, frequent phenomenon of the shortage. (5) high reliability. Associated with forklift truck and trailer way and the marching speed of unpredictability, the guide way and speed of the AGV is very clear, therefore, greatly improved the accuracy of the material transfer; Together, AGV can be Shadowed monitoring of material reliability are improved greatly. 6. Reduce product damage. AGV can greatly reduce wild fuck spite of forklift damage risk of product and packaging. 7 good flexible and scalable. AGV system can allow maximum limit to change the route planning, has good flexibility. Together, the AGV system has become a part of the process, can be used as many process connection hub, therefore, has high scalability. AGV in the condition of car profession using car profession is the profession of AGV using rate is higher. Now, the world car trunk location (professional demand for AGV still account for About 57%) 。 In our country, AGV is used in car occupation in 1992 at the earliest. With the vigorous development of car industry now, in order to progress in automation, complete with the policy of humanization, low capital and less in recent years, there have been many car manufacturers use of AGV skills, such as the spring breeze nissan, Shanghai gm, Shanghai Volkswagen, spring breeze cars, wuhan shenlong, foton, etc. AGV in the use of car profession, first in the same engine, rear axle, transmission, chassis and other parts of the flexible assembly automation, as well as components of on-line feed and so on. Particularly with regard to the latter, because the same assembly shop are generally very large, often need a lot of well spacing material transfer, AGV instead of forklift truck and trailer's scope for transfer of the material, and can complete the batch instead of planning and capital advantage, with significant economic effect. And about the size of smaller parts factory, because there is no the same kind as a replacement for the batch effect, and both the concept of bundling, AGV logistics in the factory to use less throughout. But follow AGV using increasingly sophisticated, and human capital gradually rise, trust there will be more and more parts plant considering the use of AGV, AGV in use will enter a new stage.
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