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The accessories of the front door and back door is introduced

by:Sinpo     2020-09-20
The front part includes: the front shell, glass levelers, interior trim panels, triangular window trim board, shake handshandle pull, the front horn, lotus leaf, control module, glass wool groove, the front anti-collision strip, central lock the front door motor, door motor, before wiring harness levelers front door glass frame, glass elevator motors, before the front door stop, central lock the front door and box seal auto parts price, the front door glass elevator motors. Car front door reinforcement structure, it is located in the front of the car the front door, whose character is: the automobile front door reinforcement structure including reinforcing plate and a number of pillar, reinforcing plate by fixed on the front door of the car, the post column the week has raised stiffener, fixed stud welding on the reinforcing plate, column for two. Glass elevator door assembly includes: the back shell, the back door, door handle, after the rear door glass lifting motor, door trim, outside the back door glass bead, the back door sealing strip, side door shell, the back door sealing strip, the back door anti-collision, rear triangle glass, door lock, after the rear door glass bead, after the door shake handshandle, back door bo auto parts price valve lift switch, back door glass, the interior trim panels, back door assembly, back door glass, back door assembly. Rear metals, large volume, easy to deformation.
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