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Tell you something about what is double overhead camshaft?

by:Sinpo     2020-11-16
Double overhead camshaft is a cylinder cover is equipped with two of the camshaft valve arrangement. Two camshaft control intake valve and exhaust valve respectively. Depending on the structure of the engine ( The main form of cylinder arrangement is different) The double overhead camshaft, a general automobile engine can be more with two to four of the camshaft. The structure of double overhead camshaft engine does not necessarily have more than two inlet valve and exhaust valve, but if the valve of the engine valve need to be more direct drive ( Although generally through the tappet drive) , then the double overhead camshaft is indispensable. Not all double overhead camshaft is more valve - - Before more valve technology popularization, often also equipped with two on two valve engine camshaft. But today, the double overhead camshaft has with many valve technology on the equal sign, because in almost all of the double overhead camshaft engine, each cylinder has three to five valve. The device is fit for using the three installation form of the camshaft. But, if use underneath type or a type of camshaft, due to the distance of the valve and camshaft, valve tappet and lifter and other auxiliary parts, cause the valve drive more, complicated structure, engine size is big, and under high-speed operation is easy to generate noise, while adopting the overhead camshaft can change this phenomenon. So, the modern car engine is generally adopted overhead camshaft, configure the camshaft is at the top of the engine, shorten the distance between the camshaft and valve, valve tappet and lifter is omitted, simplifies the camshaft between valve and actuator, the engine structure become more compact. And, more importantly, this kind of installation method can reduce the quality of the reciprocating motion, the whole system to improve the transmission efficiency.
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