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Talk about the service life of the engine from the engine production technology

by:Sinpo     2020-12-17
As is known to all, now car companies have production vehicles are assembly line assembly, parts of processing also are manufactured under the uniform standard, the machining precision of each parts and assembly process of error is very small, also can say is basically consistent. There is no problem, that is to say, assembly exists difference depends on the quality of the engine technology and principle of use. National policy Angle engine life, subject to the limit of the national policy, in China, private cars use fixed number of year is full 15 years, need to check every 6 months once, twice a year, until the inspection is unqualified to stop. Has run 600000 kilometers of car to force scrap; Taxi can only apply for eight years, small trucks can only be used for 12 years, the longest practical fixed number of year is large and medium-sized trucks and trucks, can use 15 years. Can say Chinese car fixed number of year of the void in the world, is not short, this is because of the present status of the industry in China, as long as can make open, don't have that much attention. Private cars for an average of 10 years, in contrast, Japan, Germany for 8 years, the United States for 12 years, India for 20 years. The mileage into consideration how much mileage intuitive also affect engine life. Usually, the cab of the engine is generally used to 40 to 500000 kilometers, the government and industry to ensure the safe driving, so had 8 years of scrapped, the service life of 15 years, private cars total mileage between 200000 to 300000 kilometers. In the 30 - imports About 40 km. Mileage maintenance habits decide how many here are affected by owners, timely maintenance, maintenance done right, usually the engine to run the number of miles, can still run a few years more. User machinery is the driving habits of car, no one is dead, and operation and operating it is alive, so the driver personal auto operation proficiency and experience directly affect the lifetime of the car. Driver's experience is accumulated over a long period of time, namely a kilometer one kilometer boil, experienced drivers can through the car's 'temper', according to the feedback information of the car to make the right and reasonable measures, to make the engine work under the best again, have the effect of the engine to the 'old'.
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