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Semi-trailer suspension and trailer suspension have what differentiation?

by:Sinpo     2020-10-15
In both semi trailer, above all is the need to use to the suspension, and the two types of vehicles, because the body structure is different, so for the suspension of use requirement is different, manufacturers in the production, are also takes a different approach to manufacturing, then the semi-trailer suspension and trailer suspension actually what's the difference? We first introduce a trailer suspension in the second half. The vehicle accessories is usually installed on a device at the bottom of the vehicle, located in the body and connection to axle axle and body: when the body drag force, the body through the suspension system located at the ends of the axle wheel movement. Semi trailer leaf spring suspension is divided into little pieces of variable cross-section steel plate suspension and uniform the multi-plate leaf spring suspension. At present domestic more than 95% of the heavy card suspension system based on leaf spring for the elastic element and guide the independent suspension, its main advantages are simple structure, manufacturing easy, convenient maintenance, technology is mature, reliable work. We for the trailer suspension again. The vehicle accessories is commonly used to connect the trailer chassis and axle type wheel device. Its main function is to transfer function between the wheel and the frame of all kinds of force and moment, and reduce and eliminate the road through the axle to the frame of the impact load and vibration, to improve the driving comfort of trailer. That is about the semi-trailer suspension and trailer suspension is the difference between some of the introduction, the difference of the two is very big, so everyone at the time of purchase of suspension, must according to their own models to buy, to avoid to buy not suitable products, waste of money, also waste your energy.
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