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Semi-trailer leg what are the common problems?

by:Sinpo     2020-11-05
Semi-trailer leg is vehicle indispensable facilities, fully play an important role, so in use process will encounter what problem? About the below to you, hope you can seriously. 1, semi-trailer leg recovery, in the case of a bi-directional hydraulic lock in good condition, because of the performance of the liquid is incompressible, so the leg will not bounce back, leg retraction, need to check the vertical cylinder seal intact. 2, semi-trailer, the leg with the crane during driving or parking automatic whereabouts, mainly because of the vertical cylinder oil seal in case of damage, leg two-way hydraulic lock case of damage. 3, semi-trailer leg and failure, the vertical leg when a certain level of leg, the corresponding horizontal rainbow, vertical cylinder oil seal case of damage. This is to introduce the semi-trailer leg common problems, I believe you have a new understanding, once appear, damage you must examine and find out why in time, continue to focus on our web site for more information.
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