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Semi-trailer girder fracture reasons

by:Sinpo     2020-11-08
Overload or even concentrated load: in addition to the trailer factory, the cause of many broken girder is user caused by improper use. Quite a lot of reasons is overload for a long time, this is easy to understand, the value of the cargo capacity than the trailer design girder bear weight lead to fracture. And concentrated load, especially the light body hang popular now, concentrated load trailer easily broken girder. On the girder welding operation. And are strictly prohibited in the semi-trailer girder welding, high strength steel, the trailer now girder is subjected to a strong current annealing easily trixiality, girder after annealing is easy to break. Mountain girder under twisting force is too large. Often run in the mountains of trailer easily broken girder, running in the mountains of trailer girder under twisting force is much larger than run flat road, specifications of the up and down the wing, web girder must be larger, otherwise easy to broken girder.

semi-trailer leg maintenance operation need to pay attention to matters of
semi-trailer leg is an important part of semi-trailer, will directly affect the use. So it's very important to maintain, maintenance operation need to pay attention to you to tell you about matters, interested friends can learn together. 1, the need to regularly check leg bolt fastening situation, avoid loose. 2, when light can use fast or slow file, but is not can use the fast gear when overloaded. 3, after thirty thousand km to charging lithium grease protection gear parts, to ensure the normal use. 4, semi-trailer leg up, must have a handle to recover the original put screens, avoid the kick. This is to introduce the semi-trailer leg maintenance operation need to pay attention to matters, I believe you have a new understanding, continue to focus on our web site for more information.
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