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Semi-trailer axle method of maintenance?

by:Sinpo     2020-11-09
Axle semi-trailer owners should know the maintenance of common sense axle and suspension is an important part of the trailer, semi-trailer axle of bear the load of the car, keep the car on the road of moving, semi-trailer accessories factory today to introduce you to the second half of the trailer axle axle of maintenance: a, semi-trailer axle is connected with suspension frame semi trailer load effect, so the vehicle before check whether axle external connection bolt looseness, whether the axle semi-trailer axle owners should need maintenance routine axle and suspension is an important part of the trailer, semi-trailer axle of motor load, maintain motor driving is on the way home without them and who the semi-trailer accessories factory introduction to the second half of the trailer axle axle repair: 2, semi-trailer axle is in accordance with the suspension chain with frame semi trailer plays the role of the load effect, so the car run before observation axle bolt can shake out the chain, axle can leak, wheel, gear reducer assembly is it may sound, etc. , in order to make sure. First cotton, axle of three type contains updated rust-proof oil, gear oil, observation before the front axle, brake gap, etc, observing the fasteners, etc. , must strict implement, thus guaranteeing effective period whether very no days that follow. Four, the first cotton type after every 10000 km, perform to implement timely cotton type, I feel I should contain update rust-proof oil, fastening parts, beam before observation, observation of braking friction wear weight, observation reducer assembly, and gear oil can not exceed the following benefits. Semi-trailer accessories factory you want your meals using light semi-trailer, are observed axle arm can be moved, axle tag is to ensure that the next time may be precise driving. Supply of semi-trailer rich effect is good, birthday is long, the bearing capacity of big shortcoming, one thousand you have to, please buy it. Axle first maintenance including replacement lubricating oil, gear oil, check before the front axle, adjust the brake clearance, etc. , check the fasteners, etc. , must be strictly enforced, so as to ensure the normal use of late. Maintenance for the first time after each running 10000 km, to conduct regular maintenance, mainly including the replacement of lubricants, fastening parts, beam before inspection, check the brake lining wear degree, check reducer assembly, and gear oil is more than the use efficiency. Semi-trailer accessories factory every time you suggest you use the semi-trailer, all want to check whether axle arm loose, axle positioning is accurate to ensure the road safety next time. Sales of semi-trailer has good performance, long life, the characteristics of large bearing capacity, if you have any need, please buy.
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