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Semi-trailer axle cleaning method?

by:Sinpo     2020-11-08
People with common sense may semi-trailer owners all know trailer axles and suspension is an important part of some semi-trailer axle load by the electric fan, continuous electric fan on the way home the working life of harsh ride through. In everyday use, should pay attention to the following a little way: 1, semi-trailer axle is connected to comply with suspension and frame semi trailer work load effect, so the car run before check axle equipment outside connected to the bolt is not strong, don't have to axle has not leak, wheel hub, gearbox assembly has no sound, etc. , to ensure, ensure credibility. 2, axle first curing contain replace grease, gear oil, check before the front axle, correct braking leisure and so on, check the fasteners, etc. , must be absolutely execution, so the date of order to guarantee cooperation working life is very cruel. 3, after the first maintenance, choose a few days before every meal, regular maintenance, still should see the replacement grease, fastening parts, check the toe, brake lining wear weight degree of the inspection, the reducer assembly inspection and gear oil are not super after choose speed a lot of particulars of various kinds of disease.
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