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Selected tip semi-trailer accessories

by:Sinpo     2020-11-06
In the maintenance of maintenance and repair of semi-trailer, we often to accidentally bought fake accessories and not share parts. See if trademarks is complete. The handwriting on the authentic product packaging are of good quality and package is clear, bright colours. On the packing box, bag, shall be marked with product name, specifications, quantity, a registered trademark, name address and telephone number, etc. , some manufacturer also hit their mark on the parts. Some important components such as generator, distributor, fuel injection pump, etc. , also equipped with instruction manual, certificate of approval and chapter inspectors, to guide the user the correct use of maintenance. When the choose and buy, should carefully identify, in case to buy fake and inferior products.

the role of semi-trailer support device
the semi-trailer support device is an important part of the vehicle, plays an important role, and itself can play what role? Below give you a detailed analysis, interested friends can learn together. Semi-trailer support device is in the front of the semi trailer, semi-trailer can play a supporting role, in use process can be obtained by manual drive mechanism support device of the lifting height of the front of the semi trailer, such easy to tractor hitch and hang off, under the running condition, support device need to pack up. Normally goes for trailer supporting device of words, need to have enough strength, structure to be simple. This is to introduce the semi-trailer support device, I believe you have a new understanding, but to know more work more smoothly. Continue to focus on our web site for more information.
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