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Recall is auto parts enterprises responsibility or oems responsibility?

by:Sinpo     2020-10-02
Recall is auto parts enterprises responsibility or oems responsibility? Perhaps many consumers do not understand. But this situation will soon change. Recently, general administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine issued the defect automobile products recall management regulations, implementing measures ( Draft) 》( Hereinafter referred to as the 'method') , for the first time clearly will auto parts producers into the measures for the management of product recall, become one of the main body of recall. Analysis indicates that, as the car recall responsibility main body gradually clarity, auto parts enterprises will be taken from behind the scenes to the front desk before, prompting auto parts enterprises to implement more strict quality control system, beneficial to promote the development of China's automobile quality. About 30% recall from auto parts recently, Japan across the company for the safety of production for airbags are escalating, global 10 mainstream car companies have been involved in, the cumulative recalls has reached more than 1700. However, according to new information, the company admitted that discovered a new airbag defect, covering 2008 to 2014, the production of products. This also means that there will be more automakers will recall debacle. The nissan in domestic has also launched the recall procedures, recalled more than 1. The 10000 nissan and infiniti related models. Analysis indicates that, this is a typical safety lead to auto parts for automobile enterprise recall cases. 'Domestic recall, due to the implementation of the main body is the same, consumers will account are included in our makers, this is not fair to us. , after all, is divided into the design of the product recall of auto parts products quality problem, or auto parts there is a problem in the process of production and so on. Specific look at the cause of the recall. 'A Japanese brand of car companies staff said. Reporter according to the general administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine issued recall report statistics, from June to November 6, each car companies in the domestic issued a total of 59 recall, recall nearly 1. 7 million cars in total. In it, a total of 17 recall is due to supplier manufacturing, lead to vehicle recall, involves the recall vehicles quantity is 60. 720000 units. From the perspective of, due to the auto parts suppliers recall than is 28. 81%, recall quantity proportion for 36. 07%. From the point of the first half of this year, recalls for supplier reasons, the relatively more including Shanghai gm for airbags save hidden trouble back to the 19th. 410000 buick lang GT, BMW for fuel pump hidden danger recalled more than 130000 vehicles, saic passenger cars because of the oil pump system hidden danger recalled 5. 840000 cars, and so on. Auto parts enterprises to recall the main structure at present, our country automobile recall system has been implemented for ten years, but only for recall the vehicle production enterprises, automobile parts recall has been in a blank. Analysis indicates that, due to China's relevant laws and regulations, the car auto parts appear safe hidden trouble, recall announcement made by the vehicle production enterprises, and implementation of a recall. It also arises due to auto parts manufacturing enterprise responsibility, passed on to the vehicle production enterprises. However, this situation will change. Recently, the methods of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine issued, and explicitly for the first time he auto parts producers into the measures for the management of product recall. Among them, 'method' made clear that quality supervision, inspection and quarantine and the appointed provincial quality inspection departments to carry out the defects, can enter the producers and business operators, auto parts producers the spot investigation of the sites of production and business operation. And points out the methods, auto parts producers in violation of the provisions of these measures do not cooperate with defect investigation, ordered deadline to correct, Overdue correction, a fine between RMB 30000 yuan and 10000 yuan. It also means that, once the implementation methods and car auto parts enterprises will become the subject of a recall, automobile parts enterprises once products pose a safety hazard due to its production reasons, it will be from recall back to the front desk. 'Will auto parts included in the recall, it can be said that the consumer is one of the important reasons. Today, a growing consumer awareness of rights protection, for auto product technical knowledge is becoming more and more deep. In this case, the policy and the change of the market is in tune. 'Senior auto analyst Mr. Zhang told the southern daily,' method 'will auto parts into, let recalled more and benefit consumers. Will impact the existing 'LingZheng' relationship? The personage inside course of study points out, 'method' once implemented, auto parts production enterprises should be brought into the recall of the main body, is conducive to the automotive industry as a whole development, promote the auto parts enterprises to improve their request, improve product safety and reliability, reduce the potential quality to low degree. At the same time, however, will greatly improve the production cost of auto parts enterprises, that will impact the existing 'LingZheng' relationship? Will change the pattern of the existing auto parts industry?
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