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Questions about the shopping of car accessories

by:Sinpo     2020-09-23
Problem a: bringing online accessories fake much 'see, this two label on the pot of oil bearing & quot; Quality goods & quot; Two words, but really auto parts manufacturers of engine oil in & quot; Quality goods & quot; Words on a drop of water drops, can't see the two words will disappear, dry and then displayed. False oil many does not exist the difference. 'Oil buy fake friends very much, the stand or fall of the oil is directly related to the life of the engine, he dare not careless, oil online used car hairdressing products in low price had to give up. Question 2: easy to encounter accessories substandard owners online auto supplies after another big problem is a lot of substandard products. Due to auto product specification is various, ordinary consumers do not understand what their models applicable specifications, tend to be according to the direct purchase of electricity when shopping. After receipt of the goods to the entity shop maintenance has repeatedly been told substandard. In vulnerable to substandard online auto supplies, and in the majority with auto parts auto parts manufacturers, problems are specialized in auto supplies. In the introduction of relevant entity shop, like wipers, lights, oil filter, tires, and even the car seat cover with decorations, as are the wrong size. And a lot of car owners often in receiving the first time and can't find the wrong size, it also lead to ask for a refund with later encountered difficulties and twists and turns. Note don't trust stores for many motor repair shop, if owners bring parts to maintenance, only accept a partners are no profit. Therefore, motor repair shop for car owners judgment, true and false or specifications of the accessories do not completely trustworthy. Not easy DIY and durable accessories recommended optional entity shop in a certain period of time, the largest auto supplies online main auto parts manufacturer focused on the seat cover, cushion, logo, car perfume, car in addition to flavor agent, etc. , if the main online professional strong auto parts, car is good as far as possible some more cautious.
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