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Novice driver will know: five driving dangerous illusion

by:Sinpo     2020-12-13
Novice driver will know: five driving dangerous illusion driving veteran knows that driving in addition to energy concentration, have many skills. Today to tell you is five kinds of common driving illusion. Due to the physical, psychological, age, physical condition and traffic environment, and many other factors, the driver in the driving often can produce all kinds of illusion, an error operation and cause danger. Therefore, the driver, Especially beginners) Should understand the characteristics of easy cause illusion and prevention in the road, to ensure driving safety. Distance illusion for various types of vehicles on the road, the driver can sometimes be right to car conductor and the distance between each other, and distance illusion, make each other distance is not enough and too close with car and cause accidents. Common are: the same distance, looks almost during the day, and in the night is dark feeling far; Is in front of the cart when feel closer, it is the car feel distance. Speed of illusion in the process of driving the driver is mostly according to the observed objects move as a reference to estimate the speed of the car, is not totally rely on judging the speed table indicating needle vehicle itself. Easy to overestimate the speed much roadside scenery, scenery youth easy to underestimate the speed; After long time running at a speed will adapt to the speed, is easy to be wrong for the rest of the speed, especially mistaking the undervaluation is very dangerous. Motor vehicles from the suburbs into the city prone to collision accident, it is for this reason. Camber illusion drivers driving on the highway speed, often changing along with the camber of highway. How well is the variable speed can cause illusion. Generally for not more than half of circular arc, drivers tend to feel the radius of curvature is always smaller than the actual, arc length of the shorter, the small curvature radius. In consecutive turns driving on the road, the driver can feel mountain area ground turns more easily than, high-speed continuous curve in the road is very dangerous. Color illusion in urban areas, such as complex road transportation, the surrounding scenery colorful, mutual crisscross, easy to distract the driver's attention, especially at night, easy to intersection traffic lights as the neon lights; The stopped vehicle tail lights as the vehicle tail lights; Mistake the brake lights of vehicles as the tail lights, etc. In addition, the summer wear sunglasses inky 'filter', easy to light color object when the illusion. Light illusion reflect sunlight objects to meet high beam light, night light, car head light will make difficult to adapt to the driver's vision, such as flat car bright window, the sun the shadows of the roadside trees alternates alternately, reflective snow on the plain and in and out of the tunnel when the light changes, etc. , are easy to make drivers have dizziness, form the illusion of light, resulting in error
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