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Mazda path, this paper puts forward a new development strategy

by:Sinpo     2020-12-12
Auto parts manufacturers about Mazda most enterprise future development strategy are turbocharged effort from top to bottom, the choice of Mazda is very special. Focusing on all the year round is good at research in the field of the internal combustion engine Mazda proved again and again to fuel efficient, and high efficiency, in addition to the smaller turbocharged, naturally aspirated still workable. Mazda actually not only research the technology of the enterprise, but both in Daimler and general in terms of compression ratio, fuel and air control barriers, Mazda, however the engine can spark plug in the engine speed higher specific circumstances, to overcome, such as the technology cannot achieve commercialization. Although Mazda plan launched in 2019 electric cars, Mazda also confirmed that the future development strategy is given priority to with internal combustion engine, electric and hybrid vehicles will be reserved for those more stringent emission regulations or clean energy common market. Since 2019, Mazda parts production models will also pick up new Skyactiv - X engine.
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