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Low air pressure drive military off-road radial tire structure design concept

by:Sinpo     2020-12-18
1, outside the outline of the design in order to ensure the off-road tires have good through sex, tire road surface design appropriate some wide, which can reduce the earth pressure, road surface low pressure to adapt to the soft foundation. At the same time, due to the driving cross-country tire surface height is bigger, so the three segment arc design, is the main driving plane curve radius is larger, both sides transition arc radius is smaller. This way in pavement road pressure ( General military off-road tires use gas company engineer, is now mainly engaged in military off-road radial tyre development design and the process pipe pressure, which has two kinds of air pressure and cross-country road, highway air pressure slightly higher than the cross-country) At the tire ground small, rolling resistance is small, can play its high-speed performance; And under the condition of poor road conditions or where there is no way to large ground off-road tires when driving pressure, can improve the road tires in soft foundation by performance. In addition, in the soft soil road tires at low air pressure, horizontal shaft sidewall have contact with the ground most of the above, tire shoulder is easy to produce stress clusters, and below the horizontal shaft sidewall near the rim flange part has been flange pressure to make the sidewall damage easily. Therefore, in order to reduce the tire shoulder a stress concentration, smooth sidewall grounding part and tire crown excessive, tire shoulder the great circle design; Horizontal shaft sidewall curve radius under appropriate to take a few bigger, to enhance rim flange supporting (top of the tire See) 。 2 military off-road tires, tire pattern design used type USES the word 'people' pattern. Pattern groove depth and width of the decorative pattern, the pattern block area of driving range sidewall design schematic: design; With supporting performance curves of the sidewall design - net product the proportion of smaller, off-road mountain, climbing performance is outstanding, but bad for cars low air pressure on the soft base, high speed and good road surface. In addition, the word 'people' type pattern of tire rolling noise and rolling resistance is bigger, fuel consumption, high resistance to wear, ride comfort and handling stability is poorer, and the word 'people' is to type pattern, recognize direction during assembly, to inconvenience wartime replacement tires. Therefore, comprehensive performance better 'to block' then type the word 'people' pattern is more suitable for the performance requirements of the current military off-road vehicles. 3, shallow depth and give priority to with longitudinal pattern groove, lateral pattern groove width is small, can reduce the pattern block peristalsis and heat production, reduce the tire noise, vibration and hysteresis loss, improve the high speed of the tire performance, ride comfort and handling stability. Tire shoulder a pattern is given priority to with lateral pattern groove, decorative pattern groove width and depth, when such off-road driving, can make the tire has a good grasp on to the ground, and is advantageous to the pattern of self-cleaning and drainage, heat dissipation; At the same time, the entire line pattern blocks around phase fault or adjacent line pattern block length and white ( See) Make the tire shoulder a pattern to form larger concave and convex surface, as well as increase the tire to catch on the ground, can make up for the block again then type the word 'people' pattern climbing cross country ability and the defects of poor. 4, tire shoulder pattern arrangement signaled a - adjacent line pattern block length and white; B - around the entire line pattern block fault phase 3 tire body skeleton material selection for large size radial tyre, can be divided into two kinds of all steel and steel structure. All-steel radial tire body only a layer of steel wire cord, rolling heating is small, suitable for high speed on good roads, but in bad road or road, the thin tire steel cord in vulnerable to damage to the fetus, the steel cord and rubber tire body release, rusting even rupture. In addition, all-steel radial tire deficency usability is bad, not suitable for low pressure ( Below 50 kpa) Use. 5, while the semisteel meridian tire tire body for high-strength fiber fabric, the tire is relatively solid, hook, hanging damage resistance is good, even if the injury to the outer tire body fabric, inner tire body fabric still work, also don't have to worry about cord rust, this road conditions on the battlefield or soft ground road ( Swamp or desert) At low pressure is particularly important. While fiber cord much higher resistance to bending deformation, fatigue resistance of steel cord, it is also a tire can be an important factor of low air pressure drive. So the semisteel meridian tire adaptability to various road conditions more suitable for the requirements of military off-road vehicle. The semisteel meridian tire used body skeleton materials mainly include modified polyamide and polyester cord two kinds big. Modified polyamide cord heat generating small, good fatigue resistance and strength, but poor dimensional stability; Polyester cord heat generating large, poor fatigue resistance of the nylon cord, size stability is good, but the tire body fabric more than three layers of unfavorable use.
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