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Like the welfare of the subsidy, auto parts life table

by:Sinpo     2020-09-29
Friends all know, our country regulations, vehicle within 6 years, once every two year careful, 6 years vehicles each year careful time, 12 years old vehicles you will need to review twice a year. Countries have such regulation because with the increase of car use fixed number of year, the inside of the vehicle many parts will gradually aging, not only affects the daily use, the safety of the occupants are more likely to crisis, because the car and also have life, if pay more attention to the situation of the car at ordinary times, after it will be the reward of unselfish you. 1. Engine of automobile engine is the most important and the most expensive parts, because without it, the car can only be equivalent model. Generally speaking, the car's engine in 10 - life 15 years, compared with before, of course, because of the progress of technology and material, in the maintenance of good cases, longer is no problem. 2. Airbags in dangerous inevitably comes, we can only rely on airbags to reduce the impact damage to the body, now a lot of friend will pay attention to the number of airbag, when buying a car is, of course, the more the better, because you can more carefully protect the safety of the occupants. But you know airbag is also have life? Generally speaking, the life of the airbag in 10 years, some 'gran torino' when collision because airbag use fixed number of year, can't work smoothly, need 3 - at will 4 years of regular inspection. 3. Seat belt belt is the most commonly used, but it is also the most overlooked parts. Actually belt service life only 3 years old, if more than this time, so in emergencies, seat belts may not tighten their passengers, even slip from the body, which seriously affect the safety of the occupants. 4. Brake pads driving on the road every day, if the brake pads working condition is not ideal, so will be a big fuss. Due to general weight on front than the rear, combined with the brake, the force of the force is moving forward, so the wastage of the front brake pads will be bigger, use the mileage is about 40000 kilometers, the brake pads is 80000 kilometers. 5. Brake oil again many car owners to care about brake system 'hardware' but ignoring 'software'. Brake oil equivalent to provide blood for brake mechanism, if brake oil can't reach a predetermined work status or leakage, brake failure at any moment. Small base recommend 2 years or 50000 kilometers for regular replacement, in peacetime should also pay attention to whether there is leakage occurs. 6. A/the service life of air filters for six years, but if you're in high pollution areas, such as travelling can be replaced in advance, and the method of replacement is very simple, don't need to go to 4 s shop, they can begin to complete. But should pay attention to buy normal accessories, otherwise it will hurt the car. Simple today to the six and you talk about the need to pay attention to the auto parts, actually in the hot summer, such as wiper, tires and other parts also need to pay attention to, while some parts damage will not affect everyday use, but as the beginning said, car there is life, if you put on it, at a critical moment it will repay you.
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