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Introduction to the mirror adjustment method auto parts manufacturer

by:Sinpo     2020-11-11
Machine side rearview mirror is a flat mirror, with the aid of it can be convenient to judge the distance body and rear obstacles, to determine whether a car parked 'is' the general is the use of the mirror. 2, the passenger side rear view mirror is a convex mirror with small curvature, it is the main use of the observation in reversing the right side of the car body if there is any obstacle, etc. Back may be appropriately lowered its Angle in order to understand more clearly on the right side of the road. 3, before reversing the storage must adjust the location of the rear-view mirror. Regardless of left and right side mirror or the car rearview mirror, should ensure that the driver in the normal driving position, the ground plane in the rearview mirror and high in half; Around two outside rearview mirror at the same time to ensure that the mirror surface area of not more than a quarter of their body. Tip: usually when reversing the need to pay attention to is the low obstacles in the automobile body side, the ground sinks, these from the window to see! To cope with such an environment, we must rely on the rearview mirror. So the novice friends must learn to use the rearview mirror to back into the Treasury. How to use the mirror? Rearview mirror how to adjust? Auto parts manufacturer to answer for you. 1, the left rearview mirror adjustment main point: the horizontal positioning it in the center line of the rearview mirror, and then transferred to the edge of the car mirror image of a quarter. 2, on the right side of the rearview mirror adjustment main point: two-thirds of the horizontal line in the rearview mirror, and then transferred to the edge of the car mirror image of a quarter. 3, the rearview mirror adjustment main point: the horizontal pendulum middle ears and set it on the left. The distant horizon horizontal positioning it in the center line of the central rearview mirror, then move left and right sides, the image of his right ear was just put in the left edge of the mirror. Car's blind spots may be much to your surprise, not only can cover the mirror after three or so whatever when switching lanes or left, turn right, or in the case of determining safe back to look at! Once there are a lot of concept car use American car owners know that a driver's license in the United States, a important project of the actual road test is in turn or change lanes, have come back to determine whether the car. Many people in Taiwan are driving direction lights a dozen, or so the rearview mirror scan, bent over, when I read don't have a car sideswiped and side impact are thus caused. And, of course, before back to confirm whether the suitability to the car, in the case of the car ahead was safe. The moment of action, in most cases will not affect driving safety. Although there are many new cars are equipped with double curvature rearview mirror, but this is only the Angle of the left and right rear view mirror scope to increase some, and still can't completely cover all areas.
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