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Introduction to the choose and buy of tire skills auto parts manufacturer

by:Sinpo     2020-12-09
Tire is one of the important parts of cars, tires also has expiration, how long does it usually can use the car tire is taking is a few years? Take a look at below related content. The structural analysis of the tire tire section in general can be divided into four parts: tread, tire shoulder, tire side, bead. Each part has its role, is just like the tread is the contact with the ground, tire shoulder and tire side play a supporting role. Tire is not a rubber, tire internal is a multilayer superposition of different material up - - - Tread, covering layer, steel wire beam ( Layer 2) , stress absorption rubber, tire cord fabric layer, air barrier. Of the specifications of the tires is represented by a set of Numbers and letters, will be printed on tire side. Said the first number is the width of the cross section of the tire the second number represents a flat than the third letter on behalf of the structure of the tire said the diameter of the wheel rim BBS do the next number of Numbers and letters, respectively after load level index and speed. In flat than the diameter of the letters tyre and wheel rim type of code, is one of the more common ( R) It and ( Z) As is the meaning of radial tire. High-pressure tyres, (other? A) Is low pressure tire, ( B) Is the bias tyre. General how long does it take to change a lot owners think car tire, tire replacement is to follow the time and mileage to determine not change, but this way no theory practice and scientific basis. After all tire manufacturers also did not give a clear standard to change a tire. See first wear mark any brand tires in setting a wear tread groove at the bottom of the tag. Normal car tyres wear mark height is 1. 6 mm, overloading of tyre wear mark of 2. 4 mm. Part owners think that as long as the tyres didn't break, even if the tyre pattern just mill finished still continue to use, such as tires in continue to use the word is very dangerous. When meet the road slippery road surface, the tread pattern are worn out, can't will tire under water exclusion, extremely easy to cause the vehicle out of control. Damage such as cracks or bulge, or in the process of daily use fixed number of year is due, tied to the tyres may be a foreign body, may also be due to accidentally hit the road opposite. The above said conditions will lead to tire is damaged. Tire damage situation including tread cracks, severe tread bulge, the tire wear, tire is foreign body tied to many times, and so on. Pay particular attention to saw a bulge phenomenon, tires may at any time is in danger of bursting. Advice when auto maintenance and repair, tires also check point. Appear as long as the damage situation described above, will be as soon as possible to the tire shop check car tires need to be replaced. Even if you are a old driver to control how good roads, for the maintenance of the tire in place, the tire will use time long ageing. Tire using better time generally in 5 years or so, more than the deadline will start aging, can make the deformation of tire tread, flat tire hazard. You also don't take any chances to the in the mind is an old driver, or diligent care more. Buying guide tire flat tyres than flat than refers to tire cross-section height of its cross section width larger percentage. Due to their higher than the flat tyres long wall, buffering capacity is strong, relatively high comfort. But on the poor, when turning the lateral resistance is weak. On the other hand, the low flat ratio, large diameter tyres, because of the tire wall is shorter, tread wide, thus grounding area is large, the tires can withstand pressure also big, the pavement response is very sensitive. When turning the lateral resistance is strong, strong handling.
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