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In the next few years, auto parts industry will continue to move forward

by:Sinpo     2020-08-21
With the rapid development of automobile market, China's automobile industry has become the world's largest automobile industry of the cake. At the same time of cake bigger, auto parts manufacturers also for outbreak period. According to figures released by the ipsos consulting forecasts, China auto parts wholesale and manufacturing in the next five years is expected to achieve each year more than 20% of the growth. In the demand for new cars continue to drive the passenger car sales at the same time, the after-sale market will be as a new growth engine accessories industry. ” Parts are no longer have to the world & quot; , the national '& quot; Five-year & quot; Auto parts industry planning ', points out that to speed up the realization of auto industry key accessories manufacture. Therefore, the next 5 ~ 10 years, wholesale auto parts industry will be one of the most promising industry, the country will maintain a higher growth rate. At present, with foreign background of auto parts suppliers have accounted for more than 75% of all sales industry. Due to the auto parts wholesale industry in China started relatively late, economies of scale has not yet formed. Foreign capital enterprise under market, national brand survival pressure is increased. Experts are calling for, from the aspects of policy design, increase support for national brand and the comprehensive wholesale auto parts industry nationalization policy's actual effect, on this basis, the designated domestic national brand of lowest market proportion. Specifically, each domestic oems must ensure that a certain percentage of the purchase amount from national brands; Government domestic national brand enterprises in the event of the preliminary input subsidies, such as research and development costs for enterprise loan guarantee, discount interest. In addition, still should tax to tilt of domestic auto parts manufacturing, which is one of the important supporting measures. Have experts point out that, due to the manufacturing industry industry correlation degree is high, the ability to absorb employment, technology, capital intensive and other characteristics, is a matter of a strategic industry of national economic security and the comprehensive national strength, is an important support of national tax. Government for manufacturing, including auto parts wholesale, on taxes, to reduce the tax rate returned to after soliciting, simplify tax preferential measures, such as auto parts and construction development platform, establishment of production, study and research, the implementation of major auto parts research and development projects and key technology of the new breakthrough, encourage enterprises to improve the ability of independent innovation. Establish automobile specialized talents cultivation fund at the same time, should be based on the national key universities, research institutions and other social resources, to establish car personnel training platform, set up a special fund of talents cultivation, the effective combination, solve the problem of lack of wholesale auto parts industry.
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