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If you looks into the rational use of the car?

by:Sinpo     2020-10-29
Auto parts factory is introduced into the mirror is one of the important safety car body parts, motor vehicle for car observation in the process of reverse road conditions as well as the drivers behind the observation in the process of driving the car in the whole situation. Now the domestic automotive general with silver mirror reflecting film and aluminum materials, also has a part with chrome material. At present in foreign car mirror, chrome mirror has replaced the silver mirror and aluminum mirror. Rear-view mirror is directly obtained the pilot in the cockpit seats car rear, side, and the external information of tools such as below. To the driver is easy to operate, prevent the occurrence of safety accidents, guarantee personal safety, regulations in every country in the car must be installed on the rearview mirror, and all the rearview mirror must be able to adjust the direction. Auto rearview mirror on the small round mirror is why? After outside rearview mirror mounted on a small round mirror, can have the effect of enlarge eye shot, so as to reduce the blind area, when reversing, the owner can easily see the location of the rear wheel. The auxiliary device, however, is flawed: one is the distance distortion, small round mirror is a convex mirror, will inevitably lead to distortion, such as car after only one or two meters from your car, but looked from the convex mirror from the five or six meters, easy to cause the wrong driver; Second, rearview mirror surface is more than a small dot, affect beautiful. One, the reasonable use of the rearview mirror because of the need to pay attention to while backing is an obstruction in the automobile body side low, the ground sinks, so should be relying more on the rearview mirror. The passenger side rear view mirror is a convex mirror with small curvature, it is the main use of the observation in reverse body on the right side of any obstacles, etc. Back may be appropriately lowered its Angle in order to understand more clearly on the right side of the road. The driver side mirror is a flat mirror, with the aid of it can be convenient to judge the distance body and rear obstacles, to determine whether a car parked 'is' the general is the use of the mirror. Second, don't let the test trip over when you driver's license, is on the way from the car at right angles to the parking one-time pour into the parking space, but in real life, such 'right back into the Treasury' is not suitable for many of the width of the road and parking parking lot. So we should use a more sophisticated storage methods: first of all, when the vehicle to be parked car, slow down, the direction towards your first have to stop playing a parking space in a bit to let the car into a little to stop the car, and then quickly to turn the steering wheel in the opposite direction, let the head motion in the direction of the departure from the parking, in the process, you need to make full use of the width of the road, trying to make the car and the larger Angle to the road, all the way to the car close to the edge of the road available, again quickly back to the direction, let the Angle between the vehicle and road at least more than 45 degrees, more rely on the rearview mirror, after slowly put the car into the parking lot.
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