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Engine failure caused by the problem how to solve? For you on

by:Sinpo     2020-09-27
When the novice owners found vent smoke, clearly know is that the car is out of order, but it is still busy hands home disorderly, at a loss. In fact, encountered such a situation, as long as you are able to judge the car trouble from the smoke color, then you don't have to panic. One, the blue smoke performance: vehicle power down, feel puny acceleration, noise, exhaust pipe have blue smoke discharge, has from the burning of oil anxious burnt flavour, the consumption of oil increase. Reason: blue smoke is due to the engine internal fault, lead to the oil into the combustion chamber combustion. Solution: check the sealing of the cylinder body, piston and other components. Oil amount added, regularly check the oil usage, anomalies, such as fuel consumption in a timely manner to the repair shop repair. Second, black smoke performance: the car's engine jitter is big, the exhaust pipe have abnormal sound, exhaust black smoke body at the same time, accelerated feel weak. Reason: auto parts manufacturers explained that mostly appear in the carburetor car, too much later than burning fuel into the cylinder has been out of the car, cause auto exhaust black smoke. Solution: always check the carburetor and other parts of the aging degree, regular maintenance and calibration; DianPenChe check every 30000 kilometers cylinder line, check the spark plug, every 10000 kilometers there is a problem to change in time. Three, white smoke performance: not smooth engine operation, engine preheating to work normally, there are still a lot of water vapor emitted a lot of white water vapor emitted. Reason: engine cylinder cylinder pad wear, have a certain gap, lead to a large number of water cooling system into the combustion chamber. Water can't burning, the heat to generate steam, directly from the exhaust pipes. Solution: check the engine cylinder block, cylinder pad for damage, check whether there is water inside the fuel tank; Check the car manual, strictly in accordance with the provisions of the manufacturer to add label right gasoline.
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