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Don't wait for smooth change tire punctured tyres and tyres more aging

by:Sinpo     2020-12-19
Puncture rate is really high in all kinds of traffic accident, aging tires must check and change in time. Reporter in the pit to see many times, vehicle tyre use fixed number of year or mileage, still told by maintenance division, 'no problem, have not been smooth, still can continue to use. 'Security hidden danger everywhere. The main material of the tire is rubber is given priority to, and the service life of rubber products have a certain, according to official tyre manufacturer, usually the life of the tire should be in the 6 - or vehicle is 2 years The range of 80000 km. Of course in the actual use process, follow the rules of our transport cost is too high. So in general, professional advice, if use at ordinary times is not frequent, and the transport environment is not bad, general tyre normal use four years is not a problem, but remember the tyres used to achieve four years will have to be replaced. But Chinese consumers are accustomed to using tire to 'smooth' to give up, not form a regular habit of quantitative replacement tires, needs to be improved. So, in order to avoid tire aging caused by accident, recommended or need to frequently check the car tyre, and the tyres production date to clear, so that was a bottom. In order to get the best tyre abrasion, tire transposition is necessary. You can refer to the use of the car manufacturers to provide guidance about the tyre transposition in the manual. The personage inside course of study is put forward for each 8000 to 10000 kilometers is tire to move a bit, even if less than 8000 km, if tyre appears irregular abrasion, it should be level, at the same time, to check the wheel positioning, timely find out the cause of irregular tire wear. Tires to frequently check, especially the owner long driving and road conditions is poor, the work is crucial, cannot ignore, after all, the poor road conditions of driving has serious influence on the life of the tire. When you find the tyre gradually hardens, aging crack happens, you should not hesitate to change a tire, especially the bump has similar bubble, it means the place structure layer has been broken, can't afford to tire pressure and sparkling, always have a flat tire. Besides tyre blowout accident caused by aging, not correct tire pressure is also the one important reason for the flat tire. So the owner also to form the good habit of self check the tire pressure, and recommended to have a simple tire pressure table, every 1 months to test the four tire pressure, make the owner himself has a bottom. Finally have to mention is that the focus of the spare tire and maintenance, otherwise unable to cope with emergency, only worse.
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