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Discuss what are the benefits of engraving machine minimal quantities of lubricant?

by:Sinpo     2020-11-18
Auto parts wholesale manufacturer to discuss what are the benefits of engraving machine minimal quantities of lubricant? Engraving machine using doppler trace lubrication system, implementation of dry cutting, system can work according to the actual need in the process of carving machine milling demand on processing rhythm, the machining tool and workpiece lubrication cooling and chip removal, no leakage of emulsion after processing, the surface without too much oil, thus reduce the work of cleaning the order after, save manpower, quasi dry cutting the harm of skin damage, to avoid the workers reduced staff turnover and reduce the training costs, improve efficiency. No oil leakage at the same time, the environment clean equipment, ground, zero emission is realized. Engraving machine in the process of milling work, will produce a lot of small debris, the debris field can be seen everywhere, the traditional lubricating way can make the debris attached on the surface, seriously affect the quality of engraving, at the same time, the traditional carving machine majority is achieved through the method of a large amount of emulsion spray lubrication cooling, this way shortcoming in any light cutting machining parts also need a lot of spray emulsion cycle. On the one hand, the waste emulsion. Accelerated aging equipment structure on the other hand, when the equipment aging emulsion leakage to the ground, increase in the number of cutting tool when rotating at high speed will also emulsion injection into the surrounding, accumulate over a long period, the environmental pollution is serious, the workers' skin and respiratory system in such environment affected by emulsion, which gives a potential health damage, this is an important factor operation technical personnel loss. The application of minimal quantities of lubricant technology makes the environment improved significantly and product processing is completed, save a lot of cleaning, reduce labor cost and energy consumption.
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