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Clutch, manual transmission, the characteristics of the automobile suspension system do you know what?

by:Sinpo     2020-10-12
We often car chassis is how to run the part? Auto parts manufacturers today let everybody more intuitive understanding of how it works. That manual transmission: manual transmission, manual transmission ( Hereinafter referred to as MT) Also called mechanical transmission, namely must dial the shift lever with the hand ( Commonly known as the 'party') Change in position of gear engagement, to change the transmission ratio, so as to achieve the purpose of speed change. It has simple structure, reliable performance, manufacture and maintenance costs low, and the transmission efficiency high, In theory, will be more fuel efficient) , on the other hand, because it is a purely mechanical control, shift reaction is fast, and can more directly the performance of the drivers' wishes, so it is more fun to drive, these are the advantages of manual transmission. Compared with automatic transmission, however, it's tedious operation, and in block a stall when switching the obvious disadvantage is irreparable. Clutch, the clutch is located in the engine and gearbox between the flywheel shell, with screw will be fixed in the clutch assembly after the flywheel of the plane, the clutch is the input shaft from the gearbox output shaft. In the process of the car, the driver can use on the or release the clutch pedal, the engine and gearbox temporary separation and joint gradually, to cut off or transfer the engine to the transmission input power. Clutch is used between the engine and transmission can gradually joint, so as to ensure smooth start of car; Temporarily cut off the connection between the engine and transmission, so that the shift and reduce the shock when shifting; When vehicle emergency braking can separation effect, prevent the gearbox transmission system such as overload, thus play a protective role. Differential: automobile differential can make left and right ( Or front and back) The drive wheels at different speed of rotation mechanism. Mainly by around half shaft gear, two planetary gear and gear rack. Function is when the car turning, or when driving on rough road surface, the left and right wheels at different speed rolling, guarantee on both sides of the drive wheels are pure rolling motion. Differential is to adjust the left and right wheel speed difference and device. In 4 wheel drive, in order to drive the four wheels, must connect all of the wheels, if the mechanical connection together, the four wheels the car is moving in a curve can't rotate at the same speed, in order to let the cars drive curve basic consistency rotation speed, then need to join the middle differential is used to adjust the speed difference of the front and back. Automobile suspension system, suspension system is car frame and wheel axle or between all the force of the floorboard of the connection device, its role is to transfer function between the wheel and the frame and torsional force, the force and the buffer by the uneven road surface to the impact of the frame or body, and the attenuation of the resulting vibration, to ensure that the car can run smoothly.
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