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Choice of automobile fittings factory of automotive stamping parts is analysed

by:Sinpo     2020-10-24
Choice of automotive stamping parts of shallow of automobile fittings factory 1, know the type of stamping parts and use characteristics before choosing automotive stamping parts raw material, we need to know the types and use characteristics of stamping parts, only in this way, can according to its type and use characteristics to choose the appropriate metal material, can not only guarantee the quality of products, and can prolong the service life of automotive stamping parts, improve the efficiency of the use of raw materials. 2, have good production technology in addition to choose according to type and use characteristics of automotive stamping parts, also select good process performance, only in this way can produce stamping parts have good economic practicality. Good production technology of stamping parts raw material's price is relatively centered, people can buy easily, unlike some of the production process material price is too high, increase enterprise burden the cost of raw materials. 3, meet the needs of the process required when we were in choosing auto stamping parts raw materials, must know mechanical parts under service condition of mechanical properties, physical properties and chemical properties, such as automotive stamping parts used in frame beams, longitudinal beam and car above, these parts are basically support role, so should choose some good, big load bearing parts. Now in the process of automotive stamping parts production, the more is the cold stamping process, because to adapt to the needs of The Times. The stand or fall of cold stamping material will directly decide the length of the stand or fall of product performance, service life and high and low costs. So we must keep in mind the material requirements of the automotive stamping parts and the principle, only in this way, can make a good car parts. Automotive stamping parts is lighter, the weight of the manufactured product size precision is high, surface smooth, beautiful, don't need to do too much of the surface treatment.
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