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China's auto parts industry development trend analysis

by:Sinpo     2020-08-14
China auto parts industry development trend analysis of the development of Chinese auto parts industry so far, the traditional shopkeeper each piece of profit in the market have been digging up, non-standard business advantage is gradually lost. Although the transformation of traditional shopkeeper to end the hong merchants is bitter, cost is huge, and full of risk, but don't walk the terminal only to die, it has become the consensus of domestic auto parts industry. Alliance is inevitable in the development of industry, auto industry terminal market also will enter an era of intense competition, the individual enterprise to do bigger and stronger will be affected by a lot of constraints. First, Chinese markets is a feast for the international dealer, a sharp increase of automobile market, didn't give young growth of China's independent aftermarket leave enough time to do big business alone he has been very difficult. Second, new and not scale of independent service chain, it is difficult to compete with powerful vehicle after-sale system. Again, the traditional Chinese auto market is given priority to with decentralized management, standard cost is high, it is difficult to make the size chain enterprises. Granted, auto parts enterprises to compete with the vehicle enterprises after-sales, service is indispensable, this lesson must be to catch up on. Not the strength of independent after-sales enterprise, also is not so easy to repair shop service like automobile enterprise. At the same time, the current independent aftermarket of any auto parts enterprises, all by herself, no strength meet the requirements of all repair shops for automobile. In addition, any single enterprise's strength, the auto parts has not been enough to set up a powerful distribution system, not through the timely delivery, solve the terminal network to meet the auto parts inventory pressure caused by all. Car sales chain develop 2 s shop, ongoing use auto parts enterprises downstream of the independent repair shops living space, such as large, guang hui, etc. Vehicle companies have also launched the authorization of independent after-sales 2 s store, to sell their own brand of auto parts, such as gm, faw, Shanghai automotive industry corp, and Toyota. In addition, transnational automobile giants as control terminal, also spend big strength construction authorized brand repair shops, such as Bosch, aisin seiki, etc. International independent aftermarket auto parts chain enterprises, are China's independent auto aftermarket, such as the German ShiKu '. The traditional automobile market has been greatly compressed, change and development of industry is imminent. Although China's current independent after-sales auto parts enterprise scale is not big, but each has its own characteristics of the enterprises through cooperation, can achieve the purpose of resource sharing, complementary advantages, the alliance enterprise's competition strength will soar. At present, a second-tier cities appeared alliance of the single models, such as audi alliance alliance, Volkswagen and gm alliance, modern union, etc. Its main pressure, from the local model with middlemen between the fierce competition, the market margin is thin, and various fees rise, enterprise survival crisis. Alliance between the same model, first of all, you can change the local rivals for the league, no longer to vicious competition, ensure each other enough margin. Second, it can form groups to the upstream suppliers, the purchase amount to reduce the purpose of the purchase price, and fend off competition from foreign counterparts. In addition, you can through the union of resource integration, improve the terminal customer support and service ability, ultimately achieve the goal of stable development and terminal customers. A second-tier cities of different models auto parts business alliance, to enter the three or four line city, its main pressure, from the three or four line city dealers to goods less and less, the auto maker's survival crisis. The main purpose of the auto dealer from different types of longitudinal alliance: first is the use of cars auto parts all varieties and the advantage of low price, over three or four line city dealers, direct competition for local repair shop business; The second is through resource integration within the alliance, to improve the terminal customer support and service ability, ultimately achieve the purpose of stable development and repair shop customers; The third point is vying for a second-tier cities alliance or non union auto parts enterprises in three or four line city business. At the same time, at present a lot of different models of some three or four line city auto parts, and auto union in building model. This is due to a second-tier cities of the auto parts business alliance, many models of auto parts business alliance, as well as local auto parts enterprises competitive pressure, prompting them to form an alliance against. They can through this way, sharing alliance memory in the repair shop customer resources; Integrated logistics, automobile route on different models, several times a day on time distribution, increase efficiency of the distribution, the maximum meet the requirement of repair shops for automobile fitting supply timeliness; Improve the spare parts purchase amount to try and reduce the upstream purchase price; Comprehensive advantage for using the union more repair shop business. Go the way of scale, brand, network is first operation scale is the foundation.
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