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Car maintenance, car change garments according to the maintenance of a study

by:Sinpo     2020-12-02
Car maintenance, car maintenance has exquisite of change garments according to the car maintenance, car maintenance has exquisite don't let a car of change garments according to the 'strike' maintenance method of battery in the morning, the first look at the battery, as big line joint looseness, corrosion, if loose, is living a wrench tight; It doesn't matter corrosion and alkali, flush with hot water. Use wet battery car owners, but also check the battery electrolyte level, if the liquid level below the line, is filling the electrolyte is special supplement water, but must not be filling water. Don't let a car 'freezing' in addition, the change garments according to the maintenance, many people only know in antifreeze, ignoring the cooling system for a careful maintenance. Summer, some of the vehicles in the water temperature on the high side of fault, some shop often take off the thermostat, or the fan clutch riveting die. In winter, through such processing car, often the water temperature is low. Low water temperature of engine also have a lot of damage, because the temperature is low, bad gas atomization, oil droplets into the cylinder, may wash cylinder wall lubricating oil, lubricating oil is thinning, increased engine wear. Don't let a car 'skid' often encounter the winter snow and ice slippery conditions, therefore, to check the car tires, the four will be adjusted four wheel tires, make four wheel on the ground adhesion, so as to avoid slippery side tumbling. Another is for brake inspection, for air brake of vehicles, to balance within a reasonable adjustment of brake master cylinder spring pre-tightening force, pay attention to check the brake fluid, brake line and brake pump with and without leakage
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