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Car just like people, also exists the phenomenon of excessive protection

by:Sinpo     2020-12-18
Cars for us is like the best partners, and let's nice to 'partner' for granted. Especially your partner is still (kind of 'giant' model, is even more protection. Hate can't wash the car two days, three days and maintenance. All are all made of the best the most expensive, worth you spend hundreds of thousands of 'partners'. Auto parts manufacturers said in fact, excessive car maintenance, it will let the cars on the diseases of the wealthy! 1. Excessive use of fuel additives fuel additives how useless? Personal feel dispensable, chicken ribs. Many claim that actually increase motivation and falling consumption of fuel additives, are likely to aggravate engine wear and tear may lead to dysfunctional. Car engine is a very sophisticated products, for fuel, lubricating oil, brake fluid and cooling fluid has a corresponding technical index requirements, if excessive use of additives are likely to give the vehicle a burden. 2. Too frequent maintenance and maintenance of vehicles can be according to the regulation, not as frequently as possible. Some frequently maintain car owners, despite the fact that not is big problem, but when the oil applied to the best condition is decisively to replace it, is indeed a spoiling, also let you lose the most comfortable sense of control. 3. Excessive washing wound paint don't think frequently to car 'bath' is a sign of love it, frequently wash the car also can lead to premature aging of your paint. Even after long time can cause corrosion decay in areas such as the platform floor, at the bottom of the door. In terms of domestic car beauty shop, it's almost impossible to reach all clean duster cloth to it will take, especially street XiCheDian is more serious. Repeated use of washing dishcloth entrainment of sediment to paint form scratch, these tiny scratches street lights at night under the irradiation of the most significant, is called 'the sun spots. The sun spots a grim, the brightness of the paint is falling. Owners may say, want to brighten up the wax bai! This is lead to vehicle paint ageing another source: wax too frequently. How much either polish or wax polish on paint has surely degree of grinding, polishing too frequently, paint is also more and more thin, has an effect of paint colour or gloss. If domestic 10 days dirty washing a car half a month is enough. As for wax, if choose more long-lasting waterproof wax, a quarter or half a year to play. 4. Excessive washing wound air conditioning when washing vehicles must adhere to dry on the surface of the car air conditioning, if the car air conditioning to be wet, will affect the car air conditioning stature.
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