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Car accessories turbocharger shorten service life

by:Sinpo     2020-08-29
Auto parts supercharger shorter service life ( 1) The installation is not correct. As requested, the supercharger when installation should be top up the oil floating bearing, first to avoid oil in the engine starting time do not timely supply floating bearing, dry grinding and damage the floating bearing. ( 2) Start is not correct. Turbo engine starting must idle run after a few minutes, to ensure the oil reaches the floating bearing after the supercharger can high-speed operation. ( 3) Downtime is not correct. Outage should idle running a few minutes before, make the turbocharger rotor gradually slow down, and cool. When the engine suddenly stop, stop the oil supply, and under the effect of inertia and high speed rotating rotor, this can cause the floating bearing wear due to high temperatures and a lack of oil, even ablation. ( 4) The oil selection is not correct. Equipped with the supercharger engine greatly increases the heat load and mechanical load, lubricating oil has good viscosity-temperature properties, oxidation resistance and wear resistance, must choose the oil with good quality. Aims at the malfunctions of the above, in the installation and use the supercharger, should be in strict accordance with the instruction manual for correct operation; Regular inspection and cleaning air filter to ensure air intake flow; Clear the oil sludge on the compressor impeller on a regular basis, at the same time check retaining screw compressor impeller and blade usage, and prevent the impeller loss caused big accident; Using normal manufacturer use standard oil, according to the operating rules engine start and stop the operation, to avoid a captain idle running time. Above is car accessories turbocharger to shorten the service life of reason, hope I can help to you, for more information please attention sharp sheng auto parts
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