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Brake disc should be how long time?

by:Sinpo     2020-12-21
Often have the owner will ask, how long the brake disc in a best. Actually it is difficult to answer this question, because everyone's different driving habits, long distance running is more province brake; And some owners used to kick down big brake, brake disc wear is certainly better; Drive car owners, general is given priority to with the click of a brake, at a red light to sneak generation brake, the brake disc will be very save. In general, a pair of brake disc with 100000 kilometers no problem, use well, even up to 150000 kilometers. Since each owner's driving habits is different, so it is difficult to determine how long the brake disc in one more time. The only way is in the routine inspection, check the brake disc wear degree, whether the channel up bad. Serious wear and tear, Unilateral deep 3 mm) A new brake disc should be replaced, general cycle for the 8 - 120000 km, otherwise you will speed up the new replacement of brake pad wear, and braking direction jitter, braking force is too small. Brake disc replacement can choose in 60000 - for the first time 70000 kilometres, some vehicles have a warning light ( General high-end cars equipped with) Will remind you need to replace the brake pads. Or when the friction material on the ground to the steel back the warning line, will hear a sound and at this time of the need to replace immediately. Case with big feet braking, this is a bad habit, is also the hidden danger of accident. You may also encountered this kind of circumstance: the car in front of the well, the road ahead all normal, can limber suddenly on the foot brake, make the car off guard, such easy to cause. This is a typical road killer. In addition, there is the driver during driving, the foot has only two choices: come on, on the brakes. The frequency of the brakes reached the high level. In fact, such a person is not in the minority. And as a result, nature is 2 - 30000 kilometers, have to change a brake pad. Keep attention, all eyes of good driving habits, found in receiving slowdown ahead of schedule, according to the changes of the situation to decide whether the brakes. In so doing, can not only save gas, and can prolong the service life of brake pads.
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