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Automotive after-sales accessories peace life quality assurance services for the first time in China

by:Sinpo     2020-10-23
What is a certified? According to peace, head of the car insurance, the insurance company certification is a new word, not in the market. China's ping an and NSF first introduces the concept of the Chinese market, and start to marketing. And certified refers to by the third party certification agency through the factory audit and inspection, and a series of strict evaluation activities, show that conform to the relevant accreditation criteria and quality standards of products. Automobile fittings after-sales certification can ensure quality and realize the traceability, improve the consumer recognition of the original factory after-sales parts, save the cost of replacement parts, etc. , at the same time improve the safety. Choice for consumers, ping an property insurance commitment for certification of the book accessories, means that you can use lower maintenance cost to obtain high quality accessories, at the same time enjoy life quality assurance. NSF is what? Called the NSF NationalSanitationFoundation ( The national sanitation foundation) , focusing on public health, safety and environmental protection standards, product testing and certification services in the field of work, after the car market enjoys a high reputation in the field of certification institutions and standards developers, is one of the biggest automobile after-sales parts of North America and Australia certification body. NSF, President and chief executive, the chairman of the American national standards institute KevanLawlor said, according to the experience of the NSF certification after-sale accessories market, certified after-sale accessories advantage is to let the market more standardized, claim full transparency, can help insurance companies and consumers to obtain high quality automobile after-sale accessories. NSF certification on which products? , according to the responsible person of the peace, as is known to all, China is now the market after-sales parts certification especially original accessories is a huge amount of demand, as China's share of the future automobile market will continue to expand, the high quality spare parts demand will be the future of China's auto market opportunities. The first after-sales certification accessories including 14 styles 5 bumper, fender and 4 machine cover, apply at the beginning of the claim within the system. Mainly contains lang, ruina, sylphy, cruze, passat, soar team, BMW 3 series, BMW 5 series, audi A4L audi Q5 models of the above parts. Ping an property of the NSF certified after-sales policy and what is the warranty? According to the responsible person of the peace, peace car insurance customer traffic accident, the maintenance service specified in the peace center after installation using the NSF certification accessories and test qualified, the vehicle in the process of normal use, due to 'not collision, non-artificial deliberately, not the force majeure factors' caused by NSF certification accessories craze, deformation and loss of or damage to, safe car insurance solemnly promises to provide life-long unconditionally with in new NSF certification accessories service.
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