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Automobile power steering oil should be inspected periodically

by:Sinpo     2020-10-02
Test is what liquid cooling surface is easy to see, but needs such as engine stop running, and completely cooled down after ( Touch the radiator top not hot) 。 Because the engine coolant level during operation will change somewhat, not easy to see is accurate. Under normal circumstances, the height of the cooling liquid should be between the highs and lows of the scale. If the cooling fluid, in the show that engines have a potential problem. Can discharge excess coolant, first make it down to between high and low, and then to look at it. If the coolant is constantly rising, I would immediately repair; Level to minimize the following such as coolant, engine, water shortage will cause overheating, serious when damage the engine. Added coolant is the best manufacturer of same brand products, such as not in emergency cases in particular, do not add water. Such as the cooling fluid to a dark cloudy, explain quality to drop, need to change. Check the brake fluid braking device is quite important for the safety of vehicle driving, so you need to check the brake fluid level and the degree of brake wear. Liquid level should be in the 'MIN' on the side of the brake liquid storage tank and between the 'MAX' mark. If the liquid level in the 'MIN' mark the following brake fluid is added to the 'MAX' position and not too much. If added to the braking system of the brake fluid model is not correct, would seriously damage the braking system parts and components, lead to brake cannot work normally, even don't work at all. When handling the brake fluid must be careful not to splash the eyes, brake fluid, if sprayed on the car body, if not immediately erasing will damage the paint. If the brake fluid level is too low, the meter on the handbrake will normally on, if handbrake has indeed completely relaxed at this moment, please check the brake fluid level. Check the power steering oil power steering oil also need to regularly check the liquid level, especially the doubt to the oil leakage, significantly more when appear abnormal sound or work needs to be checked. Winter is cold starting, power steering pump may produce noise in a short time, this is caused by low temperature keep the oil becomes sticky, belongs to the normal phenomenon, after hot car disappear. When adding must use special steering oil, some repair shop conveniently use automatic transmission oil ( ATF) Instead, can cause permanent damage to the seals, serious when burned booster pump, the loss is big! Check the battery while many cars now have adopted the so-called 'free maintenance battery, but some models due to cost considerations still use traditional and' water 'battery. The battery has a translucent shell, and shell have marked liquid on the lower limit, can be directly examine battery water isn't enough ( If can't see clearly can let the liquid surface vibration is easy to observe slightly shaking body) 。 Battery is the composition of water dilute sulphuric acid, adding only distilled water should be used when ( Note if not careful with skin or the clothes to the battery water rinse needed) 。 Because each little not connected in battery, added to each battery water filler individually, and be careful not to exceed the limit. For the upper part of the 'free maintenance battery simply by observation window to check if the color of the' electric eye 'for the green. No matter what kind of battery, life is about two years, if not timely replacement, can only say that multi-purpose make day by day, and if in winter, fast 'worshiped' battery is easy to appear shortage and power cannot be started.
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