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Automobile fitting normal manufacturer make you relaxed procurement of spare parts for all models

by:Sinpo     2020-11-19
Auto parts ( 汽车零部件) Every unit and constitute the overall car service in a product, difficult to succeed in commercial vehicle spare parts companies still struggle with small profit era. Look bad work product appearance while good sometimes, but because of poor craftsmanship, prone to crack, sand holes, slag inclusion, burr or damaged; Enterprise production is less spare parts, technical content, after all, the human cost and manufacturing cost, demand for liquid assets or less. Question 2: easy to encounter accessories substandard owners online auto supplies after another big problem is a lot of substandard products. Look at some important components, especially the assembly class, such as carburetor, distributor, generators, etc. , factory generally with manual, certificate of approval, to guide users to install, use and maintenance, without these are fake and shoddy products; Problem a: bringing online accessories fake much 'see, this two label on the pot of oil bearing & quot; Quality goods & quot; Two words, but really oil in & quot; Quality goods & quot; Words on a drop of water drops, can't see the two words will disappear, dry and then displayed. Commercial vehicle is different from the passenger cars, commercial vehicles is a kind of investment tool, customers mainly consider when buying is its price. Driving is accessories rims, tires suspended front axle and rear axle, swing arm, ball head, shock absorbers, coil spring factory accessories materials such as the quality of a material is to use unqualified material according to the design requirements, is to use the cheap fake products inferior materials substitute;
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