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Automobile clutch you know exactly how many

by:Sinpo     2020-11-25
Auto parts manufacturers about automotive clutch 1 to ensure smooth start this is the first function of clutch. Auto start. Natural need to starting the engine. And when the car started, the car is completely stationary state gradually accelerated if the drive train ( Contact with the car) And engine to contact rigidity, hang up a gear, transmission, cars will be suddenly rushed forward, but it does not start. This is because when the car from static to the former, large inertia force, resistance moment of engine caused great. Under the action of the inertial torque, the engine speed in transient time fell sharply to the lowest stable speed ( General 300 - Below 500 RPM, the engine is shut down and cannot work, car can't start, of course. So, without the help of a clutch after starting the engine, car before you start, the pilot first on the clutch pedal, clutch, make the engine and transmission system off, then hang up transmission gear, then gradually the clutch pedal, clutch joint gradually. Blocked by joint in the process, the engine torque increases gradually, therefore, should be gradually on the accelerating pedal at the same time, the gradual increase of engine fuel supply, make the engine speed always insist on the lowest stable speed, without stalling. At the same time, because the clutch joint close level increases gradually, the engine by transmission to drive the wheel torque will increase gradually, the traction is enough to overcome the initial resistance, the car is starting from the static movement and gradually accelerated 2 guaranteeing transmission shift work smoothly.
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