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Automobile brake encountered two ring

by:Sinpo     2020-12-10
The brake sound - — Buy car most don't want to run into problems, this time we said is not the road through bumpy road after the interior parts of rustling, but from the 'feet'! So, in the face of the brake sound, what should we do? A single wheel braking system is a brake, brake disc, brake wheel cylinder, brake caliper, the other on the brake piece will have with the mute, here can say very frankly, as long as there is a place there is a problem, can cause different ring. Brake sound technically isn't fault, due to the vehicle's braking force is mainly is depend on your pieces with the piece of brake disc brake piece, so braking sound is hard to avoid can appear. There was a sharp metal friction brake voice in most cases it is just because of the brake pads wear serious, caused by, replacing brake can solve a problem.
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