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Automatic transmission failure should be solved

by:Sinpo     2020-08-14
Automatic transmission shift solenoid valve failure ( 1) Fault overview the baolai car configuration 01 m a 4-speed automatic transmission, the vehicle is higher, more than 100 km/h speed can't no lowered block and block the road. ( 2) Check and eliminate the first read the fault code, connect the fault diagnostic instrument, into the automatic transmission control unit fault code query, storage has a fault code. Baolai car automatic transmission control unit J217 management strategy is if can result in automatic transmission control unit can't identify the shifting moment sensor signal loss or shift solenoid valve fault code storage, enter a state of emergency, the automatic transmission fixed transmission to drive the 3 block. Electromagnetic valve of each line of the connection in the measurement, remove the solenoid valve, according to the circuit diagram will touch the T10 ohmmeter red respectively each stitch, black pen touch each solenoid valve socket respectively corresponding insert measurement. Guided connectivity testing for electromagnetic valve discharge line, found the plug to N89 wire break. Shake conductor, when produce break phenomenon. Automatic transmission into 3 emergency run, determine the cause of the problem is the electromagnetic valve N89 wire break between the anode and the control unit. 7 solenoid valve on the valve body and casing plug printed circuit ( Soft plastic pressure into the copper foil) , as a result of vibration, corrosion, aging, over current, printed circuit copper foil will appear rupture. Replace solenoid valve discharge line of automatic transmission assembly, test and road test clear fault codes, driving is normal, troubleshooting.
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