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Auto parts wiper so use will damage to the motor

by:Sinpo     2020-08-29
There are two kinds roughly: 1 of wiper blade. Traditional batch, this is the most common auto parts manufacturers wipers, three or four paragraphs, do adjustment by the driver in accordance with the rain, and the line of sight conditions; 2. Beads induction, use in more senior models. Why can't a, the wiper random? Good wiper can fit the windshield, when the rain water is strong, low noise, can make your vision clear, driving will be more comfortable. Second, wiper was associated with the motor? Power to the wiper motor, assuming wiper encounter friction, resistance and repeated use wear wiper motor is normal. Need to replace the wiper phenomenon: 1. Crack of leaf aging, hardening,; 2. Rubber interface and the glass surface can not fully fit, and auto parts manufacturers to wipe residues; 3. Wipe the glass surface after the present state of water film, tiny stripe on glass, fog and linear residues. Check method is to use hand wiper blade, as well as the eye. Wiper is not only need only when it rains, daily use auto parts manufacturers to remove the dust on the glass is also very necessary. How important is needless to say.
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