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Auto parts wholesale introduction to car to replace the point

by:Sinpo     2020-11-21
Auto parts wholesale introduction to car to replace the point. A, try to use the sealant, paint if necessary substitution can achieve ideal sealing effect; Second, rubber seal check carefully before assembling the appearance quality. Use special tools pressure distribution, avoid knock deformation; Three, filling lubricating grease according to regulations, regular cleaning dredge vent and check valve, etc. ; Four, under the condition of extremely clean are assembled, the parts work surface without knock against, no scratch, burr and other attached objects; Fifth, strict operational procedures, seal should be installed correctly, prevent inadequate to deformation; Six, master seal performance specification and use requirements, timely replacement failure parts; Seven, the side cover kind of thin-walled parts, using sheet metal cold do correction; Easy to wear and tear of shaft hole parts can use metal spraying, welding repair, adhesive, such as mechanical processing technology to achieve the original size; Eight, loose nut slide wire broken, should repair or replace new parts, and twist to the specified torque.
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