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Auto parts wholesale and tell you the shelf life of lubricating oil

by:Sinpo     2020-09-02
Lubricating oil is different from general food and medicine, there is no strict sense of the auto parts wholesale and save storage shelf life. Because the performance of the lubricating oil is stable, if stored properly, at room temperature seal condition and dustproof, waterproof, prevent chemical smoke dry under normal storage conditions, product storage more than three years, has not changed, the indicators are generally does not affect the use. So no regulations of the state, the expiration of the lubricating oil or the period of validity. Still, we should pay special attention to the storage conditions: 1, canned and bottled ideal lubricating oil storage space is indoor, a small barrel packaging and packing of the lubricating oil is open to any must be stored in indoor, so as to avoid affected by climate change. 2, 200 l barrels of placing in the open air with lie put advisable, on either side of each row of cans with wedge, prevent the scroll, pay attention to the unfavorable will face oil drain port at the top. Have a bad effect on any oil, water must often check leakage oil drums. If the drums must be straight, oil drums should be inverted, bung downward; Or will barrel tilted slightly, oil drain port at the top, in order to avoid surface infiltration rainwater accumulation in the bucket. 3, too low or too high a temperature can affect the quality of the lubricating oil, therefore should not be stored for a long time in lubricating oil hot or too cold. 4, when the lubricating oil, because of poor storage into the dust and water in oil, auto parts wholesale may appear turbidity and precipitate, should immediately stop using at this time. 5, a large number of lubricating oil storage warehouse should be in line with & quot; Early in early out & quot; The principle of into the shipment.
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