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Auto parts wholesale and teach you the use of the clutch

by:Sinpo     2020-12-04
1, the clutch before installation must clean, remove rust fat and sundry. 2, the clutch can coaxial installation, can be divided into shaft installation, axial must be fixed, the active part and the driven part are not allowed to have axial channeling, shaft installation, the active part and the driven shaft alignment between should not be greater than zero. lmm。 3, wet type electromagnetic clutch work, must add lubricant between the friction plate, lubrication method using ( 1) Points poured oil lubrication; ( 2) Oil bath lubrication, immerse in parts of the oil is about 5 times the size of the clutch; ( 3) Axis lubrication oil, when the high-speed and high-frequency action axis oil supply methods should be adopted. 4, tooth type electromagnetic clutch when installation, must guarantee that a certain gap between end face gear, no grinding phenomenon when idle, but shall not be greater than the delta value. 5, electromagnetic clutch and brake for class B insulation, normal temperature 40 ℃. Speeding limit working temperature of heat balance when not allowed to 100 ℃, otherwise the coil and the friction parts are prone to damage. 6, power supply and control circuit, clutch power for 24 v dc ( Except for special order) 。 It consists of three-phase or single-phase ac voltage by the step-down and full-wave rectifier ( Or bridge rectifier) Get, no voltage stability and flat wave requires large enough power. Not allowed to use half-wave rectifier power supply. 7, auto transmission system based on the use of the clutch to the requirement of the clutch, it shall meet the following requirements: main joint smooth soft, to ensure that the car a smooth start, separation quickly complete, easy to shift and engine starting; With appropriate reserve capacity, can guarantee pass the engine maximum torque can prevent transmission overload; Secondary part of transmission inertia should be small, as far as possible to reduce the impact when shifting; Have good heat dissipation ability, cars drive in the process, when need frequent manipulation of the clutch, can make the clutch master and secondary part of relative slip, friction heat, heat if not out in time, would seriously affect its working reliability and service life; Manipulation of light, to relieve the fatigue of the driver. Main point of the clutch operation three essentials: a fast, slow, three linkage. Lift the clutch pedal, should follow the slow 'one, two, three linkage' principles of operation. Started on the clutch pedal action to agile, a foot to the end, the clutch is separated. Slow the so-called 'one, two, three linkage' is the process of the clutch pedal is raised three stages, quickly lift at the beginning, when feel clutch pressure plate gradually after combining to a half linkage, pedal lift started to slow down the speed of, in a linkage to the combination of complete process, is slowly lift the clutch pedal. From the combiner pedal lift at the same time, should according to the size of the engine power, to step on the accelerator pedal down gradually, make the car can start smoothly. Throttle to smooth and proper operation, can only increase in clutch combination in full throttle.
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