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Auto parts wholesale and teach you how to determine the thickness of the brake pads

by:Sinpo     2020-11-21
Auto parts wholesale and teach you how to determine the thickness of the brake pad 1, the thickness of judging whether to move the pads for most of the disc brake, we can through the naked eye to observe the thickness of brake pads. Brake pads in the long-term use, with the constant friction braking, the thickness will be more and more thin. A new piece of brake lining thickness in 37. 5 px left and right sides, if we by macroscopic observation found that the thickness of the brake pads with only a third of the original ( About 12. 5 px) Often, you need to frequently observe its thickness changes. In about 7. 5 px, it needs to be replaced, During the maintenance technicians, measured with a caliper), please 。 In general the service life of brake pads in the 4 - generally Car about 60000 kilometers, and the bad environment and aggressive driving style will shorten its service life in advance. Of course, individual cars due to the design of the wheel hub and brake pliers lead to can't see with the naked eye pads ( Drum brake linings due to can't see a reason) Every time, so we can be in maintenance, to maintain the master remove wheel check brake pads. 2, listen to the sound judgment whether to move the pads for can't see with the naked eye of drum brake pads and individual disc brakes, we can also through sound to judge whether the brake pads have been worn thin. Tap the brakes if heard a shrill 'white' sound, shows that the thickness of the brake pads have been grinding was below the limit on either side of the logo, logo on both sides of the friction brake plate directly. Brake, brake pads and brake disc friction unceasingly will also result in the thickness of the brake disc is more and more thin. Depending on the vehicle drive form, before and after the life of the brake discs are also different. Before driving, for instance, use cycle is about 6 - front coil After 80000 kilometers, the plate is about 100000 kilometers. Of course this also is closely related to our driving habits and driving style.
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