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Auto parts to introduce car accessories and car spare parts is what

by:Sinpo     2020-08-26
1, engine parts constitute the skeleton of engine, the body is the engines based, agencies and the installation of each system installed inside and outside the engine parts and accessories, all the major under various loads. Therefore, the body must have enough strength and stiffness. The body group is mainly composed of cylinder block, cylinder cover, cylinder head and cylinder pad and other parts. 2, transmission parts transmission system generally by the clutch, transmission, universal transmission device, main reducer, differential and half shaft etc. Its basic function is the power coming from the engine to the car driving wheel, a driving force to produce, make the car can drive in a certain velocity. 3, brake system parts brake slack adjusters, brake chamber, vacuum booster, brake system parts: brake wheel, brake tellurium pin, hand brake assembly, parking brake assembly, parking brake lever assembly, brake system refers to auto parts ( Mainly the wheels) Exert a certain force, which to a certain degree of force braking of a series of special device. Brake system is used to driving in the car were forced to slow down or even stop 4 according to the requirements of the pilot, booster steering system parts assembly, steering knuckle ball head, steering knuckle, steering wheel, steering rod, booster pump, steering, steering machine, etc. Auto parts wholesale auto spare parts manufacturer said, the car is made up of four parts: respectively, engine, chassis, body and electrical equipment, the four most were from various parts of the assembly, divided into different parts, assembled and individual components. Composition of these parts assembly, automotive spare parts into and individual components, as well as in car use natural consumption and need to supplement or to keep the car in good condition necessary replacement parts assembly, parts into and individual components, it is referred to as auto spare parts. A car is made up of many different parts can be connected with the combination of. Big such as main engine, chassis, frame, front axle and rear axle, cars, etc. Such as cylinder head, the spindle and the flywheel assembly, oil pump, fuel injection pump, nozzle, supercharger, organism, gearbox, clutch, transmission shaft, water tank, wheels, etc. Small such as cylinder liner, piston, connecting rod, piston ring, piston pin, spring, bearing, valve, spring, filter, tubing, bolts, etc. These parts can be known as auto parts.
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