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Auto parts procurement should follow six points for attention

by:Sinpo     2020-09-17
Three parts: chassis, engine, chassis, body parts, clutch, manual transmission, universal transmission device, drive axle, automatic transmission, the frame, axles, wheels and tires, suspension, steering system and brake system, anti-lock braking system and the drive torque control system for automobile body parts: lamps and lanterns, doors and Windows, instrument desk, electrical appliances, seat, steering engine parts: the body parts ( Cylinder head, cylinder liner, cylinder, the oil pan, flywheel shell) Power system ( The piston, connecting rod, crankshaft, flywheel) Distribution system ( Air filter, intake pipe, camshaft, valve, lifter, the valve guide) Lubrication system ( Oil filter, oil pump, oil tube) The cooling system ( Radiator, thermostat, water pump) The fuel system ( Fuel filter, fuel pump, fuel injector, high pressure oil rail. ) The ignition control system ( Timing gear, spark plugs, distributor, ECU, all kinds of sensors) Main functions about together on these, some new technology to produce new parts name not introduce one by one, auto parts procurement should follow the following principles 1) Insist on the quantity, quality, specifications, models, price considering purchasing principle, reasonable material, ensure accessories to fit the needs of users. 2) Stick to determine price in accordance with the quality, quality, don't push, don't bargain, the principle of reasonable spare parts purchase price; According to need to replenish onr's stock, to pin order principle; Adhere to the 'money out, the goods come in, money goods both' principle. 3) Purchase accessories must strengthen quality supervision and inspection, to prevent counterfeit parts into the enterprise, into the market. In the purchase of accessories, not only quantity and ignore the quality, only emphasize the factory '3 packets' and ignore the product quality inspection, does not meet the quality standard of fittings should be refused to buy. 4) Purchase accessories must have a product certificate and trademark. A certification of products, purchase must be accompanied by the production license, product technical standards and instructions. 5) Of purchased parts must have a complete inner and outer packing, the packaging must have the producer name and address, product name, specifications, quantity, production date, etc. 6) Require suppliers delivery on time as stipulated in the contract, in case or out-of-season season is less than the arrival of the goods, cause parts out of stock or backlog.
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