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Auto parts prices tell you which parts of fuel in the car

by:Sinpo     2020-09-05
Spark plug regularly replace the function of the spark plug is generated by high voltage discharge spark to ignite the auto parts price mixed gases, the spark plug if increased carbon or aging, to cause a decline in ignition energy and ignition stability, the vehicle speed is slow, the gasoline consumption increased significantly. Pay attention to product quality, regular cleaning carbon many owners do not pay attention to the product, increase in the number of gasoline makes carbon quality is bad, too much carbon will let the intake pipe wall become rough, influence effect of air intake and the quality of mixture fuel consumption sharp increase. So the gasoline quality can not be ignored, at the same time, every half an year is clean carbon is indispensable. Pay attention to the tire pressure and low pressure tire wear, tire pressure is lower than the standard, can make the grounding of the tire area larger, the tire rolling resistance will increase, so the consumption of natural increase. Use for a long time, tyre wear serious, drive from slipping, loss of kinetic energy. Change regularly, '' a/a/represents the three commonly used auto parts, oil filter, fuel auto parts price filter, air filter, respectively for lubrication system, the medium inside the combustion system and engine air intake system filtering. Vehicles in use process, a/is must be replaced periodically, if not change for long time, they will become dirty greasy, affect the use, and give the engine control unit error message, cause insufficient fuel combustion, increase engine carbon deposit. Battery will replace battery control circuit inside the car regularly, and the circuit is closely related to oil. Because general 2 - auto parts price battery using time 3 years will generate electricity phenomenon, resulting in starting voltage, the motor drives the engine, make the ignition energy is low, fuel consumption sharply higher. So don't think that no bad battery can continue to use, to replace the battery on a regular basis is a must to reduce fuel consumption.
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