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Auto parts price tell you some more fuel-efficient small skills

by:Sinpo     2020-09-04
Don't believe the so-called low price of gasoline is generally sinopec and petrochina gas station directly under auto parts price product quality assured, never in a small gas station looks are not pleasing to the eye; At the same time, be sure to keep the invoice, one thousand accident, this is the only certificate. 'Cheap goods is not good, not trusting the so-called cheap petrol, sometimes burning fast, money and car. Avoid filling gasoline at noon on volume rather than weight billing, heat bilges cold shrink. , with the volume of gas in the morning or evening can have more quality, save a lot of money, more than a tank can run a few tens of kilometers. Choose how much liter oil rather than how much money if say how much money every time oil, rounded, you often virtually lost your money. On high speed and good oil before go if possible, try to go after good fuel, indeed on the way to come on, are also looking for sinopec and petrochina directly under standing. Run the city please go half or two thirds of box. Because the city traffic often stop-go, if you fill up the fuel tank is auto parts price will be more heavy engine load, start didn't force and make the vehicle fuel consumption, and many petrol stations are not afraid of no place to add the city. If the car very little, the proposal to keep oil at a low level because gasoline put long goes bad. Every time come on don't more than fill up fuel tank cap because the volatile into the atmosphere caused by air pollution, not only wasteful, also cause harm to the air, also can damage the engine or catalytic converters. Added fuel oil because without additional oil tankers, would rather the bottom of the channel deposit for many years, very likely will add to your gas tank. Heavy rain windy weather don't go as far as possible because the gas is stored in underground, there may be some leakage, long period of time after heavy rains, discharge auto parts price less rain may leak into the tank.
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