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Auto parts oil pump device work ethic!

by:Sinpo     2020-12-23
In the lubrication system, oil can be forced to device of engine moving parts from the oil pan. Used for hydraulic oil and to ensure a certain amount of components, to force the oil into each of the friction surface. Internal combustion engine widely used gear type and rotor type oil pump. Gear oil pump has simple structure, convenient processing, reliable operation, long service life. High pump pressure and widely used. Rotor pump with complex rotor shape, and mainly by powder metallurgy. The advantage of the pump is the same as the gear pump, but the structure is compact, small size, more and more application in internal combustion engine. Work rules the gear oil pump has reliable operation, simple structure, easy fabrication, high pressure pump oil, widely used. When the engine work, the camshaft drive gear has power oil pump drive gear, making fixed on the driven gear shaft drive gear rotating, and thus drive driven gear rotate along the opposite direction, the oil move along the backlash from the oil chamber. It through the wall to the discharge of oil pump room. In this way, the formation of low pressure in the oil chamber to produce suction, and the oil in the oil sump is inhaled in the oil chamber. When the main gear and driven gear rotates continuously, the oil pump is continuous to the desired location. Advantages of structure advantage the utility model has simple structure, small volume, light weight, large amount of oil. Meshing cycloid rotor pump USES the internal and external rotor structure, number of teeth small, compact structure size, without other isolation components form a sealed cavity, fewer parts. The movement characteristics of stable operation, low noise. In the inner rotor and outer rotor of cycloid rotor pump is only a number of teeth. When they are in a relative motion, sliding velocity on the surface of the tooth is small, and the meshing point continuously along the inner rotor and outer rotor tooth profile. Therefore, two rotor tooth surface wear is small. Due to the Angle of the discharge of oil and oil absorption cavity, close to 145 °, oil suction and discharge of oil relative abundance time. As a result, the flow is relatively stable, relatively stable motion, noise is significantly lower than the gear pump. High-speed highway function very well. For common involute gear pump, if the speed is too high, the centrifugal force will cause the grain filling enough to be a 'hole', this will reduce the efficiency of the pump. Speed, therefore, rarely more than 3000 r/min, the circumferential velocity between 5 to 6 m/s. For cycloid rotor pump, the suction and discharge oil was widespread. High speed rotates, centrifugal force is advantageous to the CPC valley filling, not cause harmful 'hole' phenomenon. The speed of the cycloid rotor pump, therefore, It can range from a few hundred to nearly 10000.
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