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Auto parts oil filter and the magnet work?

by:Sinpo     2020-09-05
Begin to pop up several years ago put a magnet to absorb the oil on the oil filter shell in the auto parts price of scrap iron, presumably had been a lot of people are instantly imagination, feel this is a very good method, because there is no any modification and modification, the vehicle is just suck a few magnets on the machine filter shell. And coupled with some renderings, machine filter inner shell filled with iron absorption, look, people are paying for, is to buy car will suffer more than a day late. People think it is not necessary to have sufficient theoretical support: 1, now many parts are aluminum engine, even have a scrap metal magnet cannot adsorption; 2, even if the adsorption, adsorption of scrap iron stranded for a long time in the machine filter shell oil will affect the normal flow; First there must be a scrap metal in the process of engine operation, while the engine is mainly aluminum auto parts price material, but to know the aluminum is mainly in the main engine and some parts. While engine main operating units, especially the part of the friction between piston ring and cylinder wall, for example, between crankshaft and bearing, various bearing between these areas are almost all steel materials, so in theory is produce scrap metal, but also can be the magnet adsorption. Now that can produce, will prevent them from the oil into the loop. The way to prevent is machine filter, and our own way to add magnet. Machine filter filter paper fiber is very close, terms should be able to block all particles to the naked eye, but to know PM2. 5 this thing cut off many filter can't very good, so we can't rule out some small particles to a certain extent can indeed by the possibility of filter paper. If really can adsorption, adsorption of particles can affect the machine filter traffic? Look at the picture of the auto parts price of metal particles, affirmation is to affect traffic. And with our normal reaction, adsorption so many iron filings, open on see must first take Zhang Xinxian figure just enough, who will wait that long again. So I think the effect is made for the publicity.
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