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Auto parts of seats and rearview mirror adjustment

by:Sinpo     2020-11-24
Auto parts of seats and rearview mirror adjustment before driving, drive oneself not familiar with car, in particular, the most important thing is to adjust seat and mirrors, to ensure a comfortable sitting position and view is an important item of prior to driving, the novice drivers are you really? Seat adjustment height, head to the top of the distance of at least one punch, if the seat adjusted too high, the head easy to hit the roof when bumps, too short and will influence the driving vision. Before and after the adjustment, when the foot on the brake pedal to most deep place, the legs are still has a certain amount of bending; And back of a chair neither too straight, don't lie, is the best driving condition when the shoulders back naturally, arms straight wrist should just build on the wheel, which can ensure to use force, when turn the steering wheel and instrument desk of km, speed, oil and other function display also can be in the line of sight range. Rearview mirror adjustment to adjust seat, then adjust the rearview mirror. Rear-view mirror is divided into two outside rearview mirror and the car around the rearview mirror. Adjust the car rearview mirror, the mirror inside the horizon image adjusting central to the mirror, you of the right ear of the image to adjust to the edge of the mirror on the left. Adjust the left side mirror, the mirror inside the horizon of the image to adjust to the mirror in the middle of the image on the left side of the body to adjust to account for a quarter of the area on the right side mirror. Adjust the right side mirror to the inside of the rear view mirror image adjustment to the horizon in about two-thirds the height of the mirror, adjust the right side of the body image to occupy a mirror left a quarter of the area. Let the image of the ground to occupy more right rearview mirror area, can make drivers more easily grasp the vehicle on the right side of the road and pull over much easier to master the body and the road opposite sides-to hold the distance. In addition to adjust the seat and the rearview mirror, the action of holding the steering wheel is also very important. Both hands to grasp the steering wheel, the best on the '3 points' and '9'. The thumb naturally take on the steering wheel spokes. Some drivers like thumb to, or in turn from side to pay in the direction of a wheel, one hand holding the steering wheel, even is a very dangerous driving habits.
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